Lost in Track Changes

By Cate Kennedy, Ryan O'Neill, Fiona Capp, Robert Hoge & Krissy Kneen

Edited by Simon Groth

Cate Kennedy, Ryan O’Neill, Fiona Capp, Robert Hoge, and Krissy Kneen as they take the personal and intimate craft of memoir and turn it over to the cut-and-paste transformation of remix culture, combined with a hint of old-fashioned parlour games.

Print Edition
Out of print

Digital Edition
From Apple Books

Lost in Track Changes is a project from if:book Australia featuring the talents of five incredible Australian authors. It begins with a short piece of memoir, a vignette. Each of these pieces is passed onto another author within the group, tasked with transforming the piece into something else. The newly minted remix is passed along again and so on until each of the pieces have passed through all five authors.

Lost in Track Changes follows the journey of each memoir piece through its transformation, with hints of the changes tracked between.

The print edition, now out of print, was published in softcover with wire spiral binding, notebook-style with margins wide enough to park a truck on. This is a book in which you are encouraged to take part and make your own changes: highlight, cross out, make additions, even tear whole pages out.

The digital edition, designed by the talented Megan Hoogenboom, contains every story and tracks the changes between.