Hand Made High Tech

Edited by Simon Groth

The collected work from if:book’s 2011 essay series is now available in its second edition.

Ebook Edition $2.99
From Tomely

Throughout 2011, if:book Australia commissioned essays from ten Australian writers on the future of writing and reading in a future tilted towards the digital. Each writer drew on his or her experience in fields diverse as publishing, transmedia, gaming, and comics to observe the changes taking place in ‘books’ and discussing where this might lead for authors, readers, and reading culture. Hand Made High Tech is the result.

Featuring Sherman Young, Peter Donoghue, Ryan Paine, John Birmingham, Bronwen Clune, Myke Bartlett, Jackie Ryan, Paul Callaghan, and Christy Dena.

This second edition updates the original edition with essays by if:book founder Kate Eltham and director Simon Groth.