7. The Greatest Stories Ever 'Told'

It took an hour to set up the audio feed for this podcast, so please excuse the brevity of this description.

On this seventh episode of the Garage gets off track almost immediately as Simon and Darren discuss Harper Lee's new novel (man is that weird to write) Go Set A Watchman. Well Simon discusses it since he's the only one who's read it. Spoiler alert: it's okay.

The ostensible topic for this episode is The Greatest Stories Ever Told (as in orally), in other words great performances or spoken word deliveries.

Darren's choice is Roméo Dallaire whom he had the pleasure of hearing deliver a talk that endured in his memory despite the terrible powerpoint slides that accompanied it. Strangely, missing the opportunity to meet Darren hasn't figured significantly in Dallaire's life since.

Between offering advice on performing spoken word (how did that happen?) Simon's choice for a great performance is Cate Kennedy, who worked on an if:book project with him called Lost in Track Changes. The reading event for that project was generally of extraordinary quality, but Kennedy was still a stand out.

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