1. Technical Difficulties

The first episode of a brand new podcast from sibling writers Darren and Simon Groth. It's remarkable that this recording exists at all considering someone forgot to hit the record button at the appropriate time.

In this very first episode, Darren and Simon take a moment to appreciate the word 'hobo' before launching into a discussion about their bookshelves, Lisa Curry's Get Up And Go as a literary inspiration, why CAREY works better on a book's spine than SOLZHENITSYN, the special place Carl Hiassen's Sick Puppy has for Darren, some lovely bookish stuff by Tiny Owl Workshop, and exactly who Krampus is.

Name Our Podcast

We put together a podcast without actually thinking up a name for the thing. Darren came up with a few things that Simon immediately dismissed without coming up with anything else.

So we're turning it over to you. If you have an idea for a title for the podcast, we want to hear it. Darren is offering the winner a signed poster of his most recent book Are You Seeing Me? if your entry is chosen.

How to enter?

Send one or both of us a tweet with your suggestion: Darren is here and Simon is here.

The podcast feed is hereiTunes link coming soon.