Print ≠ Digital

One of my current bugbears is the treatment of print and digital books as though they are identical, essentially reducing a book's content to its lowest common denominator. For me, it's much more fun and much more appropriate to play to a medium's strengths, to create print and digital books that fully inhabit and make the most of their containers. 

This week, if:book released the ebook edition of the literary remix project, Lost in Track Changes, designed by the fabulously talented Megan Hoogenboom. I wanted to show how the print and ebook editions differed and how they made use of their containers. Still images just wouldn't cut it so I made a video, a walk through. 

In this project, five authors remixed each other's work in series with the changes tracked between.

The print edition is available from the if:bookstore.

The ebook edition is available from the iBookstore.