Presentation on 'Memory Makes Us' published

The Journal of Electronic Publishing has published proceedings from last year's Books in Browsers conference, including a transcript of my talk about the if:book project Memory Makes Us.

Before I introduce the presentation properly, let me first paint you a scene.

On 31 August this year, I was sitting in the large atrium area of Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Writers Festival—two weeks of literary events and activities—was still in full swing and my project called Memory Makes Us was a centrepiece of the final day. In front of me three authors were working feverishly to produce a new work on their laptops. Behind me, a few of the hundreds of festival goers were providing inspiration for the authors in the form of memories. To record their memories, they used manual typewriters.

I looked up at the giant screen currently broadcasting authors’ work in progress, at that moment featuring Paddy O’Reilly, and that’s when I saw my memory.

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