Guided By Something (Celeste)

Two previous posts looked at the basic string arrangement for this song, then bulked out the sound with textures. Now we add the last piece of the puzzle for this little instrumental section with a couple of guitars and a celeste.

I love the celeste. It turns up in a few especially beautiful songs (Just Trying to Be by Jethro Tull and Trouble with Dreams by The Eels) and, although it certainly has a prettiness to it, there's also something slightly clunky in its sound, especially when you can hear the hammers moving around inside it. Of course the one you can hear below is not a real celeste, but rather from a digital keyboard.

What did you expect? What am I, made of celestes?

The melody riffs off the song's chord progression, creating a nice little dance around the guitars' trudge. 

And there's also my old friend distortion fading in towards the end, a kind of growing menace in the sound that prefaces a rip from sweet to jagged that follows.