Hand Made Music

Music has always informed my writing and, for a while there, I wrote actual music as well as prose. I've always been fascinated with recording and multi tracking, probably ever since I first read Mark Lewisohn's The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions. I had a lot of fun mucking around with four-track tape recorders and later early digital recording software, writing songs with a mate of mine, Justin Allingham. We eventually performed as a duo, but really at heart we were always a writing partnership. But, aside from gigs, we never really shared much of what we did. Our songs and home recordings grew more ambitious while our stage presentation never wavered from two blokes and a single acoustic guitar.

All that activity has left me with a trove of half-finished recordings of a batch of half-decent songs. I listen to them occasionally. I like what's there, but I can also hear what's missing. Still, there are nice moments that I thought might be worth playing on a slightly bigger stage. So I have decided to leave them here for a while.

In series of posts over the coming months, I will single out a few of these recordings, highlighting small moments I like or posting some of the raw tracks from complete songs. Think of it a bit like watching someone at the mixing desk in an episode of Classic Albums except the songs are neither classic nor even from an album. I'll write some notes to go along with them to justify their existence and to reaffirm that, yes, this is still writing blog.

Who knows? Maybe you'll even like them.