Typing never felt so manual

Even this blog post has been drafted on the Underwood 310, as though I'm trying to prove some arcane point. Wait, is that what I'm doing? As promised in this month's WQ, here are the drafts for my typewriter column. The text has been digitised using a scanner with optical character recognition (or OCR). Because retyping it for screens would feel like cheating.


That's what I meant to say. The raw OCR output saw it a little differently:

Ev:en@th:iia1`h£log post has been dmafc-acl om, the Underwood 310, as though I'1n trying ‘b€o prove some arcane poinnt. -Wa.ii'lf', :Es iifléfbf what I'-rn &oiix-rg? As- promiised :En-=‘|:1f1:Is mon“th's WQ, -lirere are the draits for -my ‘B;ypeje:t'i't'lien, ' column. The text has been d:‘§.gi‘bisec1» using a sceannei* with _op+:l:1_ci.1 charaet-er zfecogni'b”ion_ (cr OCR). Because retgypping it' for screens wo&1d£ Eeel like cheating