Twleves Part Seven - The Simpsons

Is this where the specific twelves begin to become a little ridiculous? Well, not on this blog. I'm quite partial to a good satire and The Simpsons has really become the satire for my generation. I was sixteen when it first aired (on I believe the same night as the first episode of Twin Peaks, but I might be wrong about that). In any case, good ol' channel ten had found its dead horse and proceeded to flog The Simpsons into the ground. Even when their stock of episodes began to grow (and grow and grow), they continually replayed the first three or four seasons over and over. Which I guess is why so many moments from the show stick in my mind (and others) and why most of those moments hail from the early episodes. I guess this is one of those twelves where you just had to be there. If you can't remember which episodes these are from, then they probably won't seem quite so funny. Oh well.

To be helpful, I've provided the speaker of each. I've kept dialogue snippets to a minimum since they're really confusing to read, but there are more than a few of those that would make it otherwise (the Michael Jackson episode had some standout dialogue).

I notice now the references between all these twelves is growing. The bloody Beatles even turn here no less! Three out of four Beatles appeared on the show. And what's the bet John would have been the first to provide a cameo had he survived to see it?

The only golden rule for this twelve? No catchphrases.

  • 'Tut tut, gentle Marge. For here in the boudoir, the gourmand metamorphoses into the voluptuary. Grrr.' — Homer
  • 'I'm Leonard Nimoy. Good night, and keep watching the skis.' — Not Leonard Nimoy
  • 'Look fellas, the first snapdragon of the season!' — Martin
  • George Harrison: Hello, I'm George Harrison.; Homer: Oh my god! Where did you get that hoagie?
  • 'See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest...' — Mr Burns
  • 'Dodeca-heeee-dron.' — Lisa
  • 'Mmm...sixty-four slices of American cheese.' — Homer
  • 'My cat's breath smells like cat food.' — Ralph
  • 'You don't win friends with sa-lad! You don't win friends with sa-lad! You don't win friends with sa-lad!...' — Everyone except Lisa
  • 'It's a pornography store. I was buying some pornography.' — Homer
  • 'The coroner? Oh, I'm so sick of that guy.' — Dr Nick Riviera
  • 'Up yours, children!' — Armin Tamzarian (Principal Skinner)