Title hunt

So, I'm in the final stages of drafting what I can safely call the manuscript for a new novel. It is now both novel-sized and novel-scoped (as opposed to previous drafts that were a little more sketchy) and I think it's looking pretty good. I suspect there's more work down the track (there always is), but for now it's nice to sit back a little and review the net result of your labour. Tomorrow, I may even print it out and admire the slab of paper. Usually, I speed up at this point in a draft, often because of a deadline for an awards entry or something. This time, there's no such external deadline, so I am deliberately taking my time to finish the story and tidy up all the loose ends and flesh out the newer ideas I had along the way. It's nice to write an ending that's not frantic.

As usual, I have no title yet. Nothing has emerged from the manuscript itself yet. The story partly concerns itself with hereditary diseases and often uses two-up references to describe genetic probability, so Come in Spinner might have been a possibility if it wasn't so cliche. Other than that, I'm kind of stumped. Something might emerge on the next reading or maybe afterwards when it goes off for some love from an editor.

Any and all title suggestions are welcome, even if you don't know what it's about. Kurt Vonnegut subtitled Slaughterhouse Five with The Children's Crusade on the whim of an acquaintance who was mortified that he was writing a book about war. He promised her the book would not glorify war and offered up the title  The Children's Crusade as proof, though the title had nothing to do with anything that actually happens in the book. So if you've got a title that bears no relationship to the content of the novel, lay it on me.