Holding pattern

Okay, so the site has been a little neglected of late, partly because I've chosen not to blog the creation of a new novel, but mostly because I've been throwing the latest random pieces of nothing in the direction of that Twitter thing. So, in case you ever wondered if I have poached a steak (I have), it'll wind up in a 140-character-or-less twit. Then again, even the twits have dried up lately because the new novel has moved into the late drafting obsessive phase, where I cannot help but block out diversions (except this one quick exception) and chuck every spare minute into making the words dance across the screen. It's fun to have the bug in my system again. Every time you finish a novel, you're never quite sure you'll hit that same level of intensity again, the knowledge that all the disparate strands and meandering your narrative has taken are coming together and making sense into a complete entity.

Well, that's the theory anyway. I've always had to rely on other people to tell me whether the piece works as a singular unit ("hanging together" is my traditional way of putting it). Authors need editors. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, the draft will be off for some edit surgery later next week. Only another 20,000 words to go until then. Should be a cinch, right?