Reacquainted with Adams

Ah, how nice is this. I discovered only the other day that they created more episodes of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, ones that follow the third, fourth, and fifth books in the series. I'm a bit behind the times apparently. They were done seven years ago. In my defense, I've been busy in that time. Anyway, I found the new episodes, but I haven't listened to them. I started right back at the beginning and I'm just finishing up the final episode of the second series. 

I'd forgotten how much of that story was ingrained in me during high school. I listened to that show a lot. I think it was what I listened to when I wasn't listening to Beatles records, which seemed like all the time.

Am I revealing too much of myself here?

Anyway, I'm reacquainting myself with just how bloody clever Douglas Adams was as a writer and how much influence his work has had on my own. I don't write science fiction and nor do I write comedy really, but there's something about the precision and rhythms of Adams' writing—to these older ears it sounds more English than I ever realised—that stays with you when it comes time to tap something out on a keyboard.

So anyway, I'm about to finish the final episode of the old series, ready to embark on the new ones. I hope they're good.

Which brings me to the news that, apparently Eoin Colfer is writing a sixth Hitchhiker's book scheduled for release in September or October. Sounds alright I guess. I'll reserve judgement until I read it.