Induction published

A new short story titled Induction has been published in the plucky first edition of Verb-ate-him literary journal. Induction is at once a brutal introduction to the blandness of the contemporary office space and a sneaky glimpse into the inner lives of the  people clacking at their keyboards. It goes without saying that not everything is as it appears.

Verb-ate-him is a literary and art e-journal that was started at the precipice of two thousand and nine by a twenty-three year old in the little town of brisbane. Verb-ate-him loves new and experimental works and gets excited over new ways to play with wording and structure.

A paper-based version is in the works, but for now, head over to Verb-ate-him, sign up for updates and download the first issue.

And what does this delicious slab of new art and literature cost? Nothing. Not an electronic sausage.