Download Hemmingway for nowt

With recent changes to the site, we are again able to offer a free short story download for anyone who subscribes to web site updates. Best of all, the story now on the free list is the ever popular Hemmingway. The story was originally published as a web-based interactive 'e-novel' way back in 2002 after receiving kudos even further back in the 2000 Country Road cyber-writing competition. It's been tweaked a few times since then and stripped of all the web shenanigans to stand alone as a prime example of what I can only now call 'my early work'. Man, that makes me feel old.

This short story also provided, of course, the inspiration for the interactive chatter-bot character Hemmingway 0.5.

To download the story, simply subscribe for updates through the new fancy subscription system here.

There are a few hoops to jump through with confirmation emails and the like, but I'll keep working on it to try and simplify the process a little.

Subscribe to updates and download Hemmingway here.