Where I come from

Digging around in some of the backwoods of my computer's hard drive, I came across a writing CV last opened and modified on 31st October, 1999. I was a little surprised at the date on this file. You see, back in 1999, I had no writing credits. I was yet to be published anywhere and in any form.

I opened the file, wondering how exactly I thought I could put a CV together with no credits and little experience.

It turned out to be more like a bio than a CV—a list of qualities and irrelevant experiences pointing out all reasons why I am such a good writer, while side stepping the rather obvious fact that I wasn't listing any publications. I was embarrassed to read that I was listing all the competitions and publications I was submitting to!

It's interesting to look back at something you've written almost ten years ago, absorbing all the rough edges and sad desperation. I don't even know what I was using the CV for, nor who had the misfortune of receiving it. If I were to receive such a document now, with the benefit of these advancing years, would I bother reading on?

It's good to know though that, regardless of my determination to embarrass myself, I was able to get on with writing as a profession and successfully publish short stories. If there's anything to take away from this strange little tale it's that you do find your way and the credits do eventually start flowing in.

Just don't list the publications you're submitting to. It's not a good look.