Shortlisted for the Queensland Premiers Awards

Some time ago I started a blog to chart the creation of a new novel. The idea was to follow the ups and downs in writing—the long drawn out pauses between frantic flurries of activity that make up the writing of a larger work into something that might be something of a success.

That same novel, now titled None of the Other Flies Follow My Crooked Lines, has been shortlisted in the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards in the unpublished manuscript category.

Wahoo! They even plonked my name on the front page of the site after JM Coetzee and David Malouf. How's that for strange?

On the 11th January last year, I wrote this:

So a novel is still fun and weird and difficult. But for what it's worth, this time i have a plan. Last time I had half a plan, so I'm hoping I've got it right this time. I'm planning to put together a series of short chapter summaries as a means of keeping my head around the pace for a start. It'll also force me to look at all the strange and pointless activities in which my characters have engaged in previous drafts.

I remember thinking almost exactly two years ago that I could knock this novel over quickly and get on with other ideas. I often think stupid things like that although I still have the feeling that I could finish this story relatively quickly. My only concern is that by starting this blog, I'm introducing nothing but distraction.

It's a weird feeling reading some of those early posts now, after almost two years of work on the same story.

The winners will be announced on 16th September. Shortly after that, I will post here how it feels being the bridesmaid.