Liberty Star Jones was a shoo-in to take out the grand finale of the MusiClash, the television talent quest that pitches itself as the only show that matters. With a truckload of talent and the singular viciousness of her uber-stage-Mum, Bunny behind the scenes, Liberty was set to coast her way into this Christmas's number one single. America beckoned.

How did it all go so wrong?

Liberty's brother, Flymo, takes up the story, interspersing his perspective of the madness and flash of television's instant fame factory with his own burgeoning musical ambition. Spurred on by his friend and bass player, the excitable Edie Zumbo, Flymo attempts to navigate the increasingly murky story.

His only problem is he keeps losing time. That's the narcolepsy kicking in.

How can you trust your own story when the already blurred border between waking and dreaming states evaporates entirely? Flymo's past and present crash headlong into fantasy and nightmare as his family absconds and the MusiClash contest degenerates into high farce.

His only way out is to test reality: Flymo must attempt the impossible. He must perform his new song for a live audience.

None of the Other Flies Follow My Crooked Lines is a satirical observation of the tension between craftsmanship and commercialism in a world where you don't need to have a sleep disorder to question what is real.