I've left the manuscript fallow for a couple of weeks.

There are a few pretty good reasons for this (aside from laziness). The beginning of the year is generally a busy time for submissions, grants, and general crap. Writing is a business after all and its eternal conflict is that no business gets done when you're writing, but then without the writing there would be no business to distract you from writing.

Anyway, the last round of submissions are out and grant applications are almost in the bag.

Then of course, there's the third novel, which is set to commence streaming out of my head by the end of February.

So where are we with the novel (titled, but not publicly) that is the subject of this blog?

My notes tell me I need to rearrange great chunks of it and write a few new back stories to explain why characters behave strangely later in the story. I also have a few nice little "image" or (gasp) "poetic" type sequences that would work nicely. One involves tattoos, a topic that has always fascinated me, although I don't have any myself (at least none you need to know about).

I'm interested in the process of how you choose an image that you're prepared to carry with you for the rest of your life. What, for instance, does a celtic knot say about you, especially if you're not a Celt?

Maybe I've read too many semioticians.