Well, here it is.

Hello. I've redesigned the web site. Why did I do this? I don't rightly know, except that it always used to bother me that the journal and the shop were always completely new sites under the one umbrella. When I started blogging, I realised I could set the whole site up around a blog and unify the design. More on that later.

All the old features are still here. Hemmingway of course still opines and harangues in equal measures, so feel free to chat to him.

The Emporium is still the best place to buy short stories as digital downloads, but the shop has also expanded to offer copies of books and journals featuring my short fiction. These are extremely limited in stock and out of print everywhere, so this is pretty much the only place you can find these treasures.

I guess this design can be summed up in one word: DARK.

I tried a whole bunch of design experiments before arriving at this (one was an attempt to make the site look like a grandmother's wall of bad artwork), but this was the first design I came across that didn't really look like a blog (which was my priority - that two-column/three-column crap was not for me). Design-wise, there are still a few little tweaks to work and I haven't yet tested in every conceivable browser and connection speed, but I felt it was close enough to go public. Any comments or whatever, feel free to leave a comment after this post. I guarantee I'll read it.