Two Scenes from 2nd Draft’s End

No, not a misprint. The quiet nights of December are a good space to stretch your legs on the couch and do some serious lashing over a keyboard. This is now the third successive new year's I've spend tapping at a keyboard.

Don't cry for me. I have young children anyway. I hit it pretty hard over the last few days and wanted to keep the pace up, but last night I collapsed before an episode of Law and Order (breaking my television rule, of course). I fell asleep before the end, but I did manage to catch one of the "perps" (thanks) top herself with a knife in a crowded restaurant. Schlock telly is sometimes really cool that way.

So anyway yes the plan is to have these final two scenes complete by the end of the week, ready for a third going over.

No, that one's not a misprint either. It may just be my process, but that first draft was practically skeletal. Some of the changes made towards the end of the first draft have been changed back or rewritten in a different way, so the manuscript requires a third pass. I'm hoping it won't need a fourth before being ready for appraisal, but we'll see.

By the way, that first fifty pages is still with my agent. Haven't heard back yet, but that's not unusual. This is a slow industry. Great wads of that excerpt will disappear or change with this next redraft, but that's okay, it was never intended to be word for word, just an indication of what to expect with the final manuscript.

I'll post more on draft 2 by the week's end.