Exceptions to the “No TV” rule

Before you point out the obvious, this is not a backtracking of my previous post, but rather a clarification. TV is not bad for you, even if you do write for books and journals. I wanted to post the notable exceptions to the "No TV" rule alluded to in the last post. They are these (well, these are the exceptions that come immediately to mind.

  • The Chaser (although tonight's is the last episode, so that doesn't count)
  • Lost (although that's not starting up again until February, so it doesn't count either)
  • 7.30 Report (although, I'm usually doing other things with this on in the background)
  • House (although...no this one definitely counts)

What a crying shame that television standards in Australia are in such a state that we're unlikely to produce a television drama anywhere near the craftsmanship and production values of the two American shows above.

Makes me wonder if I should be writing for television

Oh god...did I just say that?