Synopsis Strain

Alright, so the fifty page extract is coming together. I figured it needed a bit of attention before I actually submitted it to anyone, so I've printed it off for a serious scribble.

I find editing on screen a little laborious. So back to the paper.

But the pressing concern right now is writing the synopsis. Synopses are hard to write. Really hard. I come from a short story writing background and I've always found a one-paragraph synopsis for a short relatively easy to put together. Short stories tend to have a simpler focus. In comparison, novels are a nightmare of parallel storylines and casts of thousands.

How the hell do I streamline half a dozen weirdoes and three or four competing narratives into a single, sophisticated half-pager?

Really, the answer is work. Draft after draft of clunky prose. I expect I should get something together by the end of this week. Knowing how reliable I am with the deadlines I put on this blog, it'll more likely be in three weeks, but we'll see.

Won't we?