Submission Mode

No, the new novel is not ready for submission. This is more about distraction. The last novel is ready for another hawking round and the short stories, as always, require some attention.

This is a part of the writer's lot that doesn't often receive much attention. Yes, you have to write, in your head and on the page. Yes you have to edit and edit and edit. But you also have to keep your eye out for publishing opportunities, prepare manuscripts for submission, and get them out to the relevant people.

It's the kind of process that, if you hate, will probably mean your work will never see publication at all. It requires an obsessive scouring of newsletters, web site, and the Australian Writer's Marketplace. Then, once it's out there, you need to keep track of what's been sent out. To make matters worse, not all publications will actually bother to contact you back with a rejection, a bitter pet hate of mine by the way.

I was using a spreadsheet to track all this coming and going, which worked okay for me for a while, first in Microsoft Excel, then in Apple's Numbers, but more recently I've been using the online Writer's Database. You can get right into it, making the database almost like an address book. I don't bother going that far, but I do use it to track what's out and to log all those rejections that come back.

It's a nice way to deal with rejections. Log them, then choose the next victim immediately. Very Zen. (Note I know nothing about Zen Buddhism. The last statement just sounded good in my head.)

And I promise next post will actually be about the manuscript. Maybe.