Well what do you know? In preparation for next week's first draft onslaught, I had the opportunity today to do nothing but writing for a good solid few hours. The result? We're now comfortably over the 38,000 word mark and heading well towards the final downhill run of the story's final third.

Those of you familiar with writing theory will know that practically all stories can be divided into three major bits: establishment, problem two-step, and climax/resolution. The first two thirds I find a complete drag to write, but the final third is a load of fun

Already I'm starting to get a sense of the big picture in a much more concrete way than before. Links are starting to come together between some of that random stuff early in the manuscript and major plot developments later. And my characters are getting a bit more meat around them too, in particular the more minor characters that looked a little hazy (or perhaps flimsy) on my planning notes.

Oh, and I haven't abandoned those notes yet, despite my confidence that I would. I have, however, messed around with their order, but again all of that is starting to take better shape now. It's nice to see a single word from the notes like polysomnogram actually turn into 3,000 words in the manuscript.

Anyway, may yet get a few more words in before sleep kicks in. First draft week is looking better all the time.