Time, time, time

So, here we are. August. And the novel drags on and on. I've always had an appreciation of how precious time is, how much I took for granted in those four lazy undergrad years (what the hell was I doing all that time?).

See, all that planning and posting of bits of narrative and photos was all about planning the story out. Now I have it on three scribbly bits of A4. All I have to do is convert those scribbles into a novel. Easy. Except maybe not that easy. Work. Children. Houses. All are necessary and must take priority. Blogging and marketing writing? Yeah, quite fun and probably just as neccesary. Sometimes beer, pizza, and TV take precedence. This is what happens when you d have an external deadline and I'm not good with those internal ones (it's like I truly know in my bones that an internal deadline is a load of crap). So here I am, seriously contemplating a week away from everything to focus on finishing this wretched manuscript that should never have taken this long in the first place. This is good, by the way. I've found that a mild loathing of a story is a good motivating factor. Maybe that's just me.

Yes, right. A week off. A week away. A week challenge. I reckon I could pull off a complete draft in one week. That's the challenge I'm setting myself. Now I just have to find the time for a week off.