Progress possible

Finally! It feels like I may in fact be getting somewhere. I've hit the end of the first third of the story, around a hundred pages. A hundred pages seems to be some kind of watershed for me a writer. At a hundred pages I can tell whether things are working or not. For instance when I last hit a hundred pages, I hit a dead end. Where was I going to go from there? What the hell would the story be? It was all a little vague. But that dead end led to a recasting of a whole story layout and now, after a hundred pages, I know exactly what's coming next and sort of how the story will flow from here. Now it's just time. I've never liked making things easy for myself. The last novel I took an unsalable situation and  jammed a novel out of disparate short story elements into a cohesive whole. Not the kind of thing to give publishers an erection (figuratively speaking). This one's a little different though. With this novel I started from something more or less salable and proceeded to muddy the process? Brisbane's music scene? Why not add reality TV and sleep disorders into the mix?