Where was I?

Oh right. Yes, I'm still in the Valley. Been spending the last few weeks fixing up old text rather than boldly going. Also been putting together submissions for journals, anthologies, etc. That takes time, you know. And it takes time away from writing fiction. And blog posts.

So anyway, I've hit that point where I've got a good hundred or so pages to a point where I'm not exactly happy, but I'll let it slide. now I've got to figure out how the rest of the story will go.

I have notes. Didn't I post them here some time ago?

This is the problem with making notes, at least for me. They're so terribly unreliable. My current chapter summaries are really for a different story to the one that's emerging in my word processor.

Hence the reevaluation.

Did I mention this novel has interesting links to music? It actually contains original songs with scores and stuff. I'll post more later because, frankly, the music side can be really distracting from the difficult business of actually being a writer, which is really what I'm supposed to be. I'll always have in my defense that i cut my teeth publishing short stories. This is a novel.

I must be nuts.