Unreliable narrator

See? My capacity for unreliability knows no bounds. It's probably a good time to note that this novel will contain a narrator as unreliable I am at blogging. In some ways I don't want to reveal too much now, it's still early days, but try if you will to imagine the kind of medical condition that would render a narrator completely unreliable, even to himself. I am fan of the the unreliable narrator. Most people familiar with my work will know I owe a huge debt to American author Kurt Vonnegut, I flog from his body of work frequently. It's not a popular novel of his, but I'm still heavily influenced by Slapstick, or Lonesome No More. Wilbur Swain, the narrator of that story is very old, very strange, and dying. He is the President of United States. He also has a habit of saying "Hi ho," all the time. He even promises at one point to cross out all the "hi ho"s id he manages to finish the book (a clue to how the book turns out as it happens). I'd like to think I could write something as good as Slapstick.

My character, for now known only as F, is not the President of the United States. In fact he's not anyone of significance. That's kind of his thing, being insignificant. In some ways, this novel is about families, about what happens when a family pursues a goal for one member to the exclusion of all else. F is the hapless sibling left behind while his entire world focuses on his sister, but he doesn't mind that. He's focused on her too. How could he not. His sister has been the family's project all his life.

It's starting to sound like a pitch. I'll stop there. More details will follow when I get around to posting them.