Reply to Raven

I attempted to reply to a comment about using blog entries as a part of the text of the novel, but it got out of hand, so I figured it should be a blog entry on its own. I should insert a disclaimer here: I have no idea what I'm talking about. Enjoy! Thanks, Raven. The possibilities are juicy, I agree. It's the practicalities that concern me. Appreciate your comments about it though, generally reflects what I've been thinking about it. I'm thinking about making a complete break between the blog as presented in the text of the novel and the blog as discovered by the character in the story's world.

Does that make sense?

It may even be an interesting aspect to the story - the character discovers something but doesn't tell you, the reader, about it. You get to read the same text as the character at the rate I set.

Okay now I'm really confused. How is it that I can confuse myself?

I am certain this whole thing may be frustrating, so it has to be handled delicately, if there's one thing I've learned about writing: no matter how cool you think an idea is, if it annoys readers, it's dead in the water.