Almost Perfect Metaphor

Completely irrelevant, but I have to reporoduce the lyrics of this song from 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields simply because I like it. Sixty-nine Love Songs is a ridiculously long record I've been spinning a bit lately. I'd love to slip a few almost perfect metaphors like these into the novel:

A pretty girl is like a minstrel show It makes you laugh It makes you cry You go It just isn't the same on radio It's all about the makeup and the dancing and the Oh,

A pretty girl is like a violent crime If you do it wrong you could do time but if you do it right it is sublime

I'm so in love with you, girl, it's like I'm on the moon I can't really breathe, but I feel lighter

A melody is like a pretty girl Who cares if it's the dumbest in the world It's all about the way that it unfurls

A pretty girl is like a pretty girl