Story ideas

I haven't made much use of the blog's inherent interactivity this far and I suspect many readers are content to remain a fly on the wall, however I'd be interested to ask a question. I have a problem that needs ideas generated around it.

I'd like to include a quoted blog text (an archived blog, as opposed to a current one) as part of the novel and, true to blogger format, I'd like to present it backwards, with the most recent entries running to the oldest. While this seems to make sense, I don't want to present it all in one hit, but rather pepper excerpts throughout the novel. This would be alright as the content of the blog entries is a little subplot that casts new light on the main plot.

The problem I have is that the blog itself is presented to characters in the main story - they read it and act on its information.

But of course they (the characters) read it all in one hit, not in bits and pieces like you would as the reader.

I'm not even sure if any of this makes sense. This is the kind of stuff that bugs be late into the evening. I'd be interested to see what actual blog readers think of this idea. Am I just jumping on a pointless bandwagon that will ultimately date my story? After all I could make it a standard diary - although I still like the backwards idea - and it works well with the main plot that runs forward.

Or maybe my mind's a little rattled because I keep listening to Nine Inch Nails.

My point is: What do you make of all this?