Practical concerns

Have barely looked at my notes for the last two days. Been sidetracked by a few things and writing long responses to questions from bloggers around the world. The advantage? I can carefully write responses, rather than go off at the mouth and make a dick of myself. The disadvantage? It takes ages, hence the break from work on this novel. I shouldn't complain though. Often a couple of days away from work can be liberating, especially at this macro stage of figuring out how everything will fit together.

I seem to recall fellow Brisbane writer and all round good bloke Nick Earls describing how he meticulously plans his novels, then buggers off to the shed to commit them to text. I'm not sure how meticulously I can plan this thing, but the idea sounds appealing after the rollicking redrafting experience of Here Today.

I think I may have tried to emulate this process before, to no success. At least this is the advantage of the blog. I've advertised how I'm writing this one, so I can't go back on it now. It's on the public record. Damn it! Insert your own comment about making beds and lying in them now.