The importance of lists

Was up late last night making lists. Lists are an extremely important part of preparation. At least they will be this time. I've often attempted lists, chapter summaries, timelines, all sorts of crap, only to find that when I sit down to actually write something, I forget all about them and do the whole wild tangent thing anyway. This time is different though. Why? Because I won't stop with the list. From the list, I'll make chapter summaries and from the summaries I'll make more detailed summaries before then starting to turn summary into proper narrative.

The idea is already yeilding dividends. I've discovered that I don't know squat about one of my main characters. She's a young singer with a stage mum, but I don't know what's driving her and why she allows herself to be manipulated. This will probably prove to be important and I'm pretty sure the chapters that feature her will dip into the past more than deal with the present. Maybe that's her thing - she carries a lot of baggage.

Let me ponder that a while.