What is probably the final draft of the last novel has been dispatched and is off to agent and publishers for the truly business side of writing. That gives me time to reassess the story I had been working for most of last year. Frankly it kind of sucks. I should be more specific. The writing itself is alright, but it doesn't hang together. I haven't even read it all the way through and I know this. In doing the redraft of the last novel, I picked up a few things about the macro level of novel writing.

I should note here that I'm not a natural novel writer. Things don't come out of my head in 70,000 word chunks. I cut my teeth writing short stories and I still really think of fiction in 3,000 to 6,000 words at a time. I cheated with my last novel by splitting it up into a series of short stories that come together.

So a novel is still fun and weird and difficult. But for what it's worth, this time i have a plan. Last time I had half a plan, so I'm hoping I've got it right this time. I'm planning to put together a series of short chapter summaries as a means of keeping my head around the pace for a start. It'll also force me to look at all the strange and pointless activities in which my characters have engaged in previous drafts.

I remember thinking almost exactly two years ago that I could knock this novel over quickly and get on with other ideas. I often think stupid things like that although I still have the feeling that I could finish this story relatively quickly. My only concern is that by starting this blog, I'm introducing nothing but distraction.

Bring it on.